: Careers at Madeline Hotel & Residences Telluride, CO


Join The Team

Thank you for your interest in employment at Madeline Hotel and Residences. We offer excellent career advancement opportunities, a spectacular working environment, and exceptional benefits for our employees.

Core Values

Here at Madeline Hotel and Residences, we believe in the considerate, the tailored, and the personal–comfortable quality. We’re proud to provide our guests with luxurious, customized experiences and warm memories.

About Us

We believe in the beauty of Telluride and a sense of wonder inspired by nature. We treasure the magnificence and seclusion of our surroundings and serve as stewards of the natural world and our community. We live for cultural experiences, exhilarating adventures, inspiring vistas, and raised heart rates. With access to some of the world’s best recreation, we’re a crew of explorers, seekers, and enthusiasts constantly chasing the next thrill and helping our guests exceed their own ambitions and aspirations.

About You

You’re smart. You’re personable. You’re creative. You appreciate that none of us is as good as all of us. Yes? Then we want you to be a part of our Team—one that has worked like mad over the past few years to create what Condé Nast Traveler and many others refer to among the "Top 5 Hotels in the West". This place is no doubt very special, because of the very special, focused, fun people that work here.


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